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Services & Terms

When you are selecting a truckload or less than truckload carrier, you want a carrier that will provide first class service anywhere you need to pickup or deliver look towards Sun Transportation Systems, a North American carrier. We have the authority to operate in all Canadian Provinces and all over in United States of America. Sun Transportation Systems also offers complete Warehousing and Cross docking services at our terminal in Mississauga, Ontario.

Sun Transportation Systems provides highly competitive Truckload and Expedited transportation service across Canada and between Ontario and the United States. Our expertise in Logistics can help you achieve significant savings through optimized planning to meet your specific transportation needs.

Our deep experience in North/South, Canada/USA transportation allows us to take advantage of efficiencies not available elsewhere to create cost-saving opportunities that can impact your bottom line.

We are an asset based company and have a modern fleet of  Highway Tractors and Day cabs with over 400 Dry vans and reefers. All Trailers are Air Ride Equipped to provide best and smooth ride while your freight is in transit. Sun Transportation Systems offers real time Satellite Trailer tracking available to track your valuable freight.

Bill Of Lading Terms & Conditions:

Maximum Liability shall not exceed $2.00 per LB computed on the total weight of the shipment unless a declared valuation states otherwise.