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Our Fleet

SUN TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS is a company that has built itself on its commitment to industries with volume fluctuations. During high volume periods, we have made equipment available, repositioned equipment and provided the communication that is necessary to be a transportation partner in a fluctuating industry. We offer no less to you.


The heavy duty tractors that supply power in this industry have to be able to haul heavy loads, take the pounding of aging highways, while providing comfort and convenience to drivers. If that’s not enough, they do it without compromising safety and efficiency. SUN TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS tractors are spec’d to optimize all of these factors, and are put through an extensive, full-service maintenance program that sees them through their entire useful life until retirement three short years later.


Our sizable investment in fleet renewal represents our commitment to providing our customers with the quality equipment necessary to do the job.

We work closely with our trailer manufacturer to re-examine each new purchase with an eye to enhancing overall quality. Examples of these upgrades include air-ride suspension, anti-lock braking systems, freight shoring systems, and premium tires. Each progressive purchase includes component upgrades that advances effectiveness, and compliments our operations and maintenance programs. Every new series of trailers is better than the series before it.

SUN TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS currently offers the following equipment

Canada54,000 lbs
U.S.A.45,000 lbs
Quebec thaw44,000 lbs
Canada53,400 lbs
U.S.A.44,000 lbs
Quebec thaw43,000 lbs
Canada80,164 lbs
Quebec thaw70,000 lbs